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Fritz Meyer: Signal To Noise Ratio

by agluck     June 19, 2018      0.0 (0) The current signal-to-noise ratio in the economy is an anomaly. That's the current message Fritz Meyer suggests delivering right now.  Fritz's views on the economy are summarized in a Weekly Investment Update email you can send to your clients every Friday night. It's timely news for long-term investors delivered in an article with graphics

How We Can Help You Survive The Fiduciary Firestorm
by pdgca4a     April 04, 2016      0.0 (0) The fiduciary firestorm is almost upon us, but good CRM can help you survive.      

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RoboAdvisors Can Be Beaten By Advisors With Live Chat
by agluck     March 01, 2016      0.0 (0) At a conference four years ago, with about 150 advisors in the room, a co-panelist ridiculed me for being overly pessmitic after I had predicted that automated advice online would drive a shakeout in the financial advisor business.   Since then, fear-mongering over roboadvisors in the trade press has reached a fevered pitch. Not a day go

Quick! Grab Your Data!
by pdgca4a     December 28, 2015      0.0 (0) You can’t stop your broker-dealer from losing your business, but you can prevent your business from losing its data.   

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There’s More To The Internet Than Just The Web
by pdgca4a     November 24, 2015      0.0 (0) It’s hard to deny that the Advisors Assistant team is a bit maverick. Maybe it’s our unusual tenure - 30 years in an industry where many players have less than half our experience. Maybe it’s our location - Pismo Beach is better known for surfing than FinTech. Maybe it’s being family owned and operated in a business

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