In A 19-Minute Interview, Former Fed Analyst, Shehriyar Antia, Opines On Brexit Hot

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The Fed was not surprised by Brexit, says Shehriyar Antia, a former senior analyst at the New Y Fed. Mr. Antia, who spent a decade at the central bank, says Fed economists were almost certainly performing “what if” simulations in anticipation of the vote by Britons to break the four-decade movement to build the European Union’s supra-national bulwark.


Mr. Antia should know. He’s been in the room for Fed meetings at moments much like this one, having been part of a team that implemented the Federal Reserve Board's quantitative easing program. Mr. Antia, now is president of Macro Insight Group, which provides research and consults to institutional investors.


In this 19-minute interview, A4A taps you into a network of thinkers relied upon by Mr. Antia as well as his reading of events. It’s an authoritative independent perspective normally not available to advisors. At times, Mr. Antia gives us an insider’s view of what’s it’s been like at the Fed the last few days as well as his opinion on a broad range of Fed policy issues.


Mr. Antia, who worked with senior Fed officials during a decade-long stint at the NY Fed, always offers a perspective that is unusually informed.


While we were preparing this interview, one of Mr. Antia’s forecasts already seems to be coming about. In the interview, recorded after Monday’s close of trading on Wall Street, Mr. Antia forecast a retracement in stock prices.


Based on my observation, having worked with him for nearly three years on A4A programming for advisors, Shehriyar Antia gets things right a lot of the time, even when they’re complicated and people are panicking.


Please comment on Shehriyar’s forecast and let us know if you would like more of his research.


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