Personal Development

Go For The Flow
by SherylCPA     May 09, 2016      0.0 (0) My firm has embarked on a rather nebulous goal for his year: flow. Defining "flow" is difficult because it is more of a feeling than a quantifiable benchmark.

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A CFP® Tool That Makes The Fiduciary Rule No Problem
by dgoldstein     April 17, 2016      0.0 (0)

Advisors Don’t Use The Tech Tools They’re Paying For
by agluck     March 16, 2016      0.0 (0) Advisors don’t use the tech tools they’re paying for. Here’s proof. Of advisors using Office 365 and attending this month’s “Office 365 For Advisors” webinar, just 14% use OneNote.  Admittedly the findings are based on a small sampling, but they confirm what I’ve suspected for years: Advisors

Face Of America 2015
by agluck     May 03, 2015      0.0 (0) I didn’t know exactly what I had signed up for. I knew I was riding 110 miles over two days with injured U.S. veterans. But I didn’t understand why a bike ride was called “Face of America.” Nor did I understand why was I raising money for something as frivolous as a cycling event when soldiers who had lost limbs for our n

45 Seconds With Robert Keebler On The Financial Advisor Of The Future
by agluck     March 11, 2015      0.0 (0) Robert Keebler, one of the nation's leading tax policy experts, educates financial professionals on tax monthly on A4A. In this 45 second clip, from a one-hour session entitled, 2015 Tax Traps, Tips, And Tricks For Investment Advisers, Keebler says financial professionals of the future are going to need to know about issues like the portability o