Upon Nine Years Of Webinars For Advisors, Fritz Meyer’s 4.9-Star Rated CE Session Hot

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Independent economist Fritz Meyer received an average rating of 4.9 stars (out of 5) yesterday from 100 of the independent advisors attending his quarterly update.  

Considering the strong opinions advisors hold on this topic and that it was a 100-minute, two-credit session that went 15 minutes overtime, a 4.9-star rating is incredible. Miraculously, it was the fourth consecutive 4.9-rated session for Fritz!  

This session begins my tenth year of producing webinars for advisors. As a journalist, I started conducting webinars to enable my sources to share their ideas with advisors directly at the worst possible -- in October 2008. Advisors encouraged me to keep doing it and it became Advisors4Advisors.

A4A now has 1600 advisors paying for unlimited 24/7 access to continuing professional education for CFP, CIMA, CPA/PFS, and other  professionals. (CPA CPE available on live sessions only.) Yes, we actually charge for content. It's only $60. Our audience is relatively small but it's many of the smartest advisors in the country. I'm grateful for your support. 

Fritz is one of three regular monthly speakers. Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, teaches monthly about tax and financial planning, and Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., teaches about low-expense portfolio management. Fritz, Bob and Craig cover the basics required to practice competently as a fiduciary.

We're on a mission to empower real financial professionals. We update you on the news you need to know based on changes in the economy and markets and breaking news events as they happen. 

With a global team, we also create a solution sharing with your clients what you learn on A4A. This aligns the way you practice with your marketing. For advisors managing low-expense portfolios, it's  timely, educational, and engaging content that clients cannot find anywhere else. 

For example, shown below are comments from attendees of Fritz’s session yesterday. Many said the most helpful thing they learned at the session was about real wage growth's unexpected strength. That analysis engaged advisors because it's origonal thinking and cannot be found in the mainstream financial press. Fritz is great.  

The three-minute video below for your clients puts Fritz's analysis on real wages into a three-minute educational video.  It's part of a news stream for low-expense professionals to share content with clients and prospects.  In our experience, good content creates and nourishes relationships.

Advisor Products' platform lets you share content we know that you like by using a dashboard for advisors. Along with Fritz Meyer, classes by Bob Keebler and Craig Israelsen’s ideas form the basis of client articles, videos, scripts, tweets, and graphics that we create every week for you to share with clients. To request a free trial, just fill in this form


Replay Fritz's webinar 

Comments from attendees:

  • Always on point.  We learn context that helps us to educate clients.  The most important thing I get from Fritz's sessions are the counter points to the fear based concerns some people have.  We can be the voice of reason.
  • Excellent. I really enjoyed his analysis of the Trump tax proposal and the analysis of the U.S. tax burden as a whole compared to other developed countries. He concluded by asking why we need economic stimulus at a time when we have full employment and healthy GDP growth. I also appreciated Fritz showing how Germany has a surplus but also has higher overall taxes.
  • Wish there was a segment on international developed and emerging markets to provide a global view.
  • Excellent
  • Excellent per usual
  • Good info
  • Super great as always
  • Excellent as usual.
  • Great.  I like that Fritz reminds us the real story behind wage growth, private GDP growth, current unemployment vs prerecession, highest % of job openings in a decade. Real Disp Personal Income of 2.8% same as pre recession.  Disproves many of the articles regarding wage stagnation, et al in the papers.  Info on Household Net Worth and Financial Obligation ratio, these facts explain the reason for Economic Growth and why the markets are rising due to stronger corporate profits etc.
  • Excellent!
  • It is the totality of Fritz's presented data that provides the greatest value for me, as it collectively supports the overall movement of the economy and likely momentum of the markets in general.  Very helpful!
  • Excellent
  • One of the things I truly love about Fritz presentations, the data discussed have a similar feel, allowing for comparison over time. C+I+G-N for example, I can look at October 2017 vs the same slide October 2016 and the like. Therefore, you remove the notion that you are constructing the data to fit a narrative. The consistency of the examined data drives the narrative. In simpler terms, the Tail does not wag the Dog!
  • What I like best about Fritz is the overall story he tells - the way he uses each individual data statistic and builds upon one another to give the complete picture that I think we all really need. Facts by themselves can misguide us to incorrect conclusions, but when the overwhelming evidence all points in the same direction, that is hard to ignore!
  • Discussion of real income increase occurring in lower socioeconomic classes was very encouraging. Really enjoyed discussion about gold as poor investment choice. Appreciate Fritz’s admission when his opinion is coming into play. Although I believe we can achieve higher growth, he does make sense to me about being realistic.
  • Excellent overall
  • I love Fritz's energy, enthusiasm, and insight.  Feels no-nonsense with a variety of support/documentation for what he's saying - hard to refute.  Comprehensive, thorough, digestible.
  • Great info, but a little long at 115 min.
  • Great as always.  What I appreciated most was the comparison of gold vs cash and fixed income. I also liked the efficient frontier comparison.  Wish they were included in the monthly download.
  • A tad long but fantastic content. Fritz is my go-to resource for in-depth but yet down to earth analysis of the economic world we live in as I am already a monthly slide subscriber. Quantitative support for room for bull to run, why taxes will have to go up to support the society we want to live in and why we can afford it where my favorites insights for today.
  • Very informative!
  • Excellent
  • To answer Andy's question about the most valuable information in the webinar today, I enjoy the written text and outlines that Fritz puts up at the beginning of a particular segment or discussion topic. This is the list of bullet points that summarizes, for example, the state of the economy at the time of the presentation, or the various factors pointing to a stock market continued climb, etc. Some of the charts are useful, particularly some of Fritz' favorite charts, some are confusing though. Thank you!
  • Great
  • Fritz interpretations of the data is most important. He's objective and not partisan. Logical and analytical is a helpful attitude. No snake oil or agenda.
  • Best takeaway is the myth of stagnant wage growth and how the media keeps missing it, including positive implication for economy/markets.  Thx.
  • Good info
  • I never "miss Fritz" and rely upon his viewpoint balanced with some others to get a best effort understanding of our economy and markets. Just really well organized data, clearly presented and it would be great if many of the other presenters in the financial services arena had his succinct, calm excellent speaking skills. There are few if any "you know"'s...no wasted words and a laser focus on following a progression of thought that leads to good understanding.
  • Very informative
  • It was informative and actionable but for reasons that I can't really explain I felt that Fritz has a certain bias and it comes out in his presentation. As I said it is nothing that I can put my figure on but instead a 'feeling' I get during the webinar.  I'm probably way off target but I thought I'd let you know.
  • In typical fashion, Fritz adds great value by pulling away the emotion of money, economies and the world, and leading us to data based in fact.   His ending thoughts on gold are a great example of how facts can help navigate decisions that are often driven my media opinions and emotions.
  • Fritz did a great job as usual
  • Information is timely and he packs a lot into his presentation and presents it in an understandable way.
  • His explanation as the performance of and value of gold in a portfolio was excellent. This is something I will use with clients.
  • It was great, as always.
  • excellent as always.
  • His slide on the S & P earnings projection vs PE ratios is extremely helpful.  It's a great visual too.
  • I have had 2-3% in gold since 2001 for most clients. After looking at the longer-term, I think it is time to move it out!
  • Fritz just knocks it out of the park every time!
  • Excellent, as always.time time time.
  • Something I did not know was that the STD of gold was so high.  I use the charts to educate our clients.
  • Excellent.  I would put in more info here but running late for a meeting
  • Really liked this one, especially the info on why gold is not a good investment.
  • Awesome as always....no need to drill down or restrict topical coverage.  The value comes from breadth of coverage.
  • Great. Always enjoy hearing about retail and its prosperity as the news is always focusing on the declining department store.
  • Fantastic!
  • Excellent!
  • Very helpful
  • Excellent
  • I use the stock market ratios to calm my investor who think time alone will stop the uptrend
  • New info on gold chart & efficient frontier was good addition
  • Good overview - would like to see a deeper dive into specific categories that are relevant to the time - or current events - perhaps breaking down the income tax system and who's paying the taxes and Why- what's being proposed is non-sense ...
  • Always great.
  • Very informative. I liked that there were some new and different slides in addition to updates to old slides.


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