Advisors Seeking Shelter Drive Record Attendance To Fritz Meyer Webinar

by agluck     December 12, 2018      0.0 (0) Fear drove more advisors to attend Fritz Meyer’s December webinar than any session on A4A in the last decade.   The average rating of 4.9-stars from attendees, their comments and the strong attendance demonstrate how A4A offers independent advisors shelter during stormy times.             REPLAY            Very good

On A Day When Stocks Plunged, Economist Fritz Meyer's Monthly Update Gets Five-Stars

by agluck     November 20, 2018      0.0 (0) On a day when an  advisor really needed financial wisdom rooted in facts, Fritz Meyer received a five-star rating for his economic update webinar.   The stock market plunged 1.7% Monday and another 1.8% Tuesday and fear drove the most attendees to Fritz's update than any session since we began charging for  membership about six year

Adjusting Client Expectations Of A Diversified Portfolio

by agluck     October 11, 2018      0.0 (0) Approximately 110 minutes into Fritz Meyer’s two-hour, two credit October continuing education session for fiduciaries, he mentions that you might want to adjust what you’re telling clients to expect from a diversified portfolio. That’s one gem in a treasure-filled tour of current economic and financial conditions that also includes:   

Designing Portfolios To Beat A 4% "Safe" Drawdown Rate; 24/7 CFP® Continuing Education Credit

by agluck     September 30, 2018      0.0 (0) Craig Israelsen, a professor of family financial management for three decades, deconstructs two portfolios over rolling 25-year periods between 1970 and 2017, advocating for a strategic approach to exceeding the 4% "safe" withdrawal rate.    Craig's research and teaching skills are leveraged in this professional-level course about analysis

Fritz's Two-Hour Class Gets 4.9 Stars And Critical Reviews

by agluck     July 12, 2018      0.0 (0) Independent economist Fritz Meyer's two hour CE session for July received an average rating of 4.9-stars from 100 attendees, and some criticism, too. The criticism is appreciated and is instructive. A4A members can replay the session and get two hours of continuing ed credit.  Getting a 4.9-rating month after month, as Fritz has done, is a re