Thank You For A 4.8-Star Rating, Despite Pointed Criticism

by agluck     November 18, 2018      0.0 (0) This continuing education (CE) course on advanced tax planning for Section 199(A) of the Internal Revenue Code by Bob Keebler received serious constructive criticism and, nonetheless, a 4.8-star rating from attendees of the live session. A4A members ($10/month) can replay it 24/7 for continuing education credit from CFP Board and Investments &a

2018 Year-End Tax Planning Continuing Professional Education

by agluck     September 30, 2018      0.0 (0) With the new Internal Revenue Code in effect for the first time this year, this continuing ed session kicks of our coverage of year end tax planning for practitioners. The reviews rave about the coverage. Thanks for appreciating our hard work!  Tax planning for pre-retirees may be the single most valuable service a financial planning profes

The New Business Tax Break: Qualified Business Income Deduction

by SherylCPA     May 14, 2018      0.0 (0) Introduction The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has created a tax savings opportunity for businesses. Corporate tax rates have been reduced to a maximum 21 percent, while other businesses can qualify for a 20 percent income reduction by means of the Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction. The QBI deduction was enacted to allow “pass-through

Keebler Talks Tax Cuts For Year-End Planning
by agluck     December 04, 2017      0.0 (0) With less than 30 days to act on a slew of one-time tax law savngs opportunities, the replay of Bob Keebler’s December 1st webinar about year-end planning gives you everything real financial professionals need to know now.   A4A is a community.  Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen, and Bob Keebler collaborate with you direclty about low cost i

What Is the Marginal Tax Rate on Pass-through Business Income?

by GlennDaily     February 26, 2018      0.0 (0) I am a sole proprietor and a C-corp owner, so the 2017 tax legislation (unofficially, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) affects me in multiple ways.   I had a simple question: What is the marginal tax rate on sole proprietor income, taking account of the new deduction for "qualified business income"?  

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