Tontines Are Coming, Someday
by GlennDaily     March 26, 2017      0.0 (0) Tontines are coming, someday. That’s my hopeful takeaway from Tom Verde’s “When Others Die, Tontine Investors Win” in today’s New York Times.

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How Savings Affects Retirement Portfoilio In Accumulation And Withdrawal Phases
by agluck     October 29, 2016      0.0 (0) A client's savings rate is so important but ignored by most advisors in designing portfolios. In this amazing series of studies of portfolio design by Craig Israslsen, Ph.D., this session stands out for its focus on showing the client the effects of different savings rates across his lifespan.    Accumulation results below…

When Clients Are Their Own Worst Enemy
by SherylCPA     August 17, 2016      0.0 (0) I was recently quoted in a article titled “When clients can’t afford to retire.” Although the article covered some of the basics, I thought it would be good to address this issue more fully. Before I start, what are situations when clients can’t afford to retire? Other than tragedy or catastrophe,

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Israelsen's New Way To Visualize The Risk Of Outliving A Portfolio Gets 4.9 Stars
by agluck     March 26, 2016      0.0 (0) Dr. Craig Israelsen says something unusual happened at his webinar yesterday. Israelsen had just shown a new data visualization technique for illustrating a retiree’s risk of running out of money at an A4A webinar. While the 4.9-star rating Israelsen received from attendees was unusual — fewer than 5% of A4A webinars receive a 4.9 scor

6% Method: An Alternative To The 4% Rule
by agluck     October 14, 2015      0.0 (0)