by agluck     October 10, 2018      0.0 (0) The CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct imposes new ethics education requirement effective October 1, 2018. Though the new ethics requirement doesn’t go into effect until October 2019, the CFP Board requires you to learn about it now -- a year ahead of imposing it on practitioners. Why? In 2016, Advi

Consumers Connect With CFPs, CIMAs, CPAs Based On Continuing Ed

by agluck     April 25, 2018      0.0 (0) A4A began at the nadir of the financial crisis in October 2008 as a way for independent advisors to share ideas amid a dark time, and it has grown into a network of real financial professionals, coalescing around treasured core fiduciary values: quantitative analysis, economic fundamentals, tax and financial planning, and low expense investing. No

Tapping Fritz Meyer's Brain To Give Clients Financial Wisdom
by agluck     October 31, 2016      0.0 (0)   If you like Fritz Meyer, you might like transcripts of his presentations. You can use them to produce your own webinars, seminars, blog posts and social content.   You might also like Financial Advisor Marketing Engine 3.0. FAME 3.0 gives you Fritz's analysis in videos, articles, scripts, tweets, and email newsletters ev

The Power Of Fritz Meyer’s Investment Wisdom Unlocked For Advisors
by agluck     August 15, 2016      0.0 (0) Publishing the transcripts of Fritz’s Meyer's webinars unlocks new value from his monthly 75-minute presentations. You can repurpose the transcripts and slides to educate clients and prospects.  Economist Fritz Meyer is independent, like the 1,500 independent advisors who rely on A4A for continuing professional education. In

BREXIT Breaking News Coverage on A4A: Replays Of Two Webinars
by agluck     June 24, 2016      0.0 (0) With 1500 members paying just $60 a year, A4A is a source of authoritative educational information for independent financial professionals throughout the year, and our breaking news coverage in times of turmoil is an added benefit. On Friday, the first trading day following the stunning vote by Britain to exit the EU, A4A's resident econom